Our story is toys


Jeffrey’s Toys, the oldest toy store in San Francisco, began as a five & dime variety store in the San Francisco Bay Area in 1938. It was called Birdie’s Variety store, named after Birdie Luhn. The store was small, but sold everything from housewares, hardware, records and even toys.  After WW2, the US experienced a baby boom and everyone wanted toys! So Birdie, and her husband Morton, transformed their little variety store to Birdie’s Toy House in 1953, selling only toys!  Along with the thousands of servicemen returning home after the war, so did Morton and Birdie’s two sons, Manny and Joel.  Manny and Joel soon joined the family business, and the toy stores grew in number.  The toy store locations now included, Hayward, Berkeley, San Leandro, and Oakland!  In 1966, Birdie’s Toy House was renamed Jeffrey’s Toys, after Manny and Mildy’s youngest son, Jeff, and opened four stores in San Francisco.  Decades later, the Luhn family still owns and operates Jeffrey’s Toys at 45 Kearny Street in San Francisco!


Jeffrey's Toys
45 Kearny Street
San Francisco CA
(415) 291- TOYS